1–1. 1. Product Description. The Compaq Evo Notebook Nc and Nc Series offer Section for palm rest removal instructions. If you are removing a. Compaq, Evo, and the Compaq logo are trademarks of Compaq Information . The Compaq Evo Notebook Nc Series offer advanced instructions. Manuals and user guide free PDF downloads for Compaq Evo nc – Notebook PC.

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Failure to remove a PC Card that extends beyond the computer before transporting the computer may cause permanent damage to the PC Card connectors.

When the computer is cmopaq to an optional Mobile Expansion Unit MEUthe system supports up to four battery packs: To add a memory board, insert the memory expansion board into the empty memory expansion slot compq a degree angle 1, then slide it gently into place until it is seated while tilted.

Lower the computer onto the expansion connector 2 and snap into place. Dompaq computer supports certain USB devices without special drivers. Computer Upgrades and Add-ons 3. None Drain —Runs the computer at full power. Page 61 In addition, the availability and location of drive bays in the system varies by model and configuration, and the availability, location, and sequencing of PCI slots in a docking base also varies by model and configuration.


Computer Upgrades and Add-ons 7. Hardware Guide Audio and Video 6— All other product names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective companies. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

The board tilts upward.

Drive activity may delay Hibernation. Battery Packs To remove the battery pack, turn the computer bottom side a. Manusl you are removing a battery pack that is the only power source available to the system while the computer is on, initiate Hibernation before removing the battery pack.

The grounding plug is an important safety feature. Slide the left primary battery release latch forward 1.

To reduce the risk of personal injury, electric shock, fire, or damage to the equipment: To engage the lock: The standard keyboard functions of the keys in the keypad are disabled when the keypad is enabled. Remove the hard drive spacer 1 from the base assembly.

Compaq Evo n400c – Notebook PC Reference Manual

Plug the power cord into the AC Adapter 2 and into an electrical outlet 3. Computer Upgrades and Add-ons The computer supports several notebook accessories for you to upgrade and add on to your system. The primary hard drive is being accessed. Serial connector Connects a serial device.


Hardware and Software Setup 4. Make sure the external battery pack is located behind the computer rear panel, then slide the external battery release latches toward the inside of the computer 1.


Patent and Trademark Office. Do not disable the power cord grounding plug. Insert the external battery pack onto the computer until the contacts connect 2.

Compaq Evo nc – Notebook PC Manual

Computer Upgrades and Add-ons 6. Don’t show me this message again. Use a T8 screwdriver to remove screws. Hardware Guide A Look at the Computer 2— Regulatory and Safety Notices guide, which provides governmental agency and safety information on the use of this product. Comaq the Compaq Web site at for product http: Disabling The Numeric Keypad Keyboard and Pointing Devices Disabling the Numeric Keypad To disable the keypad and return the keys to their standard keyboard functions, press Converting the Numeric Keypad Keys to Standard Keys To use the keypad keys temporarily as standard keys while the keypad is enabled: Arrange all cords and dvo so no one may accidentally step on or trip over them.

Page 92 Computer Upgrades and Add-ons 4.