“The Hitchhiking Game” (“Falešný autostop”), from the second book, is a case in point. Here in miniature one finds Kundera’s characteristic philosophical. In Milan Kundera’s short story ”The Hitchhiking Game,” a young couple, on vacation, spontaneously find themselves engaged in a fantasy ”game,” in which. The “Game,” which begins playfully, turns out to have dire consequences in irrevocably A psychological thriller based on the short story by Milan Kundera.

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When, after it is too late, the ga,e woman perceives that her sexual behavior has caused him to distance himself from her emotionally, she pleads with him to recognize her as the same woman he has loved.

She replied with awkward flirtatiousness that sometimes they had been very pleasant but that it hadn’t done her any good as she had been burdened with hitchhhiking can and had had to leave them before she could get anything going.

Mikel once explained what he means when he says that love is defiant. Beyond these bounds she would cease to be herself, as water ceases to be water beyond the boiling point.

The Hitchhiking Game – This Is Nowhere

Several times he stopped the car and asked the passersby directions to the hotel. He has been particularly critical of the social and political climate of Czechoslovakia under Communist rule. As succinctly summed up by Morace: But the young woman continues to talk and kuneera in her newfound role as seductress, and so he continues to behave toward her the way he is used to behaving toward all other women except her.


It wouldn’t be pleasant for her if he found out why she had done it. At his, “Where to?

She wanted to refuse, she wanted to be released from the game. InCzechoslovakia was dissolved as a nation, leading to the formation of the Czech Republic. Audible Download Audio Books. It was a role out of trashy literature. The boy definitely believes it is not her better side, but the girl is not so assured. The works of such great Czech writers as Kundera, Miroslav Holub, Vaclav Havel and even Franz Kafka who hiychhiking in the s were therefore banned from publication, sale or library circulation in their own country until the mids.

One can only imagine that she is going to spend the next 13 days attempting to win back his affection, unaware that his newfound hatred for her is irrevocable.

The lovers are beginning their two-week vacation. It is the questions that are important, Kundera says over and over again in interviews and essays as he attempts to explain his work. It is not that the girl is ceasing to be herself, it is that she is ceasing to be the self that has been stymied through immature love and that has existed as a component or projection of the young man, not with individual integrity.

The fantasy begins to bleed into reality, leaving both parties feeling completely different about another by the end.

The hitchhiking game

He knew that the game was over, but didn’t feel like returning to their customary relationship. Beyond these bounds she would cease to be herself. In their hotel room that night, he treats her callously and disrespectfully, refusing to kiss her and speaking to her coldly and heartlessly.


He didn’t want to see the girl’s face. This service allows you to sign up for or associate a Google AdSense account with HubPages, so that you can earn money from ads on your articles.

The Hitchhiking Game (Falešný Autostop) by Milan Kundera, |

Both the young man and the young women view all women in terms of these categories. This democratic regime lasted untilwhen Prague suffered occupation by Germany under Adolf Hitler.

This disorderly jumble seemed disgusting to him, like the variety to be found in a pile of garbage. By the time she realizes that he now truly sees her, it is too late. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article.

Hatred cleansed his sensuality of any sentimental coating. Perhaps the girl supposed that by means hittchhiking the game she was disowning herself, but wasn’t it the other way around?

The Hitchhiking Game

IX It was a curious game. And it was futile to evoke good sense and warn her dazed soul that she must keep her distance from the game and not take it seriously. As Philip Roth has characterized the story in his introduction to Laughable Loves: Just as often, Kundera also plays out these themes while exploring the personal and sexual relationships between his main characters.